Top 11 Must Have Features of Gun Safe

Must Have Features of Gun Safe

There are many gun safes sold on the Internet. It can be a bit overwhelming with the various choices, but this article will help you narrow your picks. Here are the 11 features that your next gun safe should have:

1. Fire Rating:

Fires can happen anytime, so you want to have a fireproof gun safe. In buying  a gun safe, make sure it has a high fire rating. The best gun safe should be able to withstand at least 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to half an hour.

2. Locking mechanism:

Even cheap gun safes have a locking mechanism that can keep the safe locked. But the really good units have different levels of theft resistance, and which can be adjusted depending on the security of the place it is kept in.

For example, a gun safe placed in the home basement may not need locking bolts unlike a safe that is kept in the garage.

3. Biometric/fingerprint lock:

The best biometric gun safe is one that can remember multiple fingerprints. This type of gun safe can be quickly and easily opened compared to digital locks, which is important especially in the dark.

Moreover, a fingerprint gun safe requires only the scanning of the fingerprints for it to be opened.  That can prove to be the difference between life and death, especially when you are under duress.

4. Anchor kit:

Gun safes that have an anchor kit can be safely mounted to the floor. Such feature is important because this would prevent burglars from pushing it over in hopes of weakening the safe.

An anchor kit usually has pre-drilled holes and mounting equipment that would let you secure the gun safe to the ground.

5. Interior Lighting:

Simply put, an interior lighting would let you see the gun that is stored in the safe.

6. Hinges:

The hinges of the gun safe may be external or internal. An external hinge would allow the door to be opened at a full 180 degrees.

However, an internal hinge is deemed to be more difficult for a thief to open.

7. Water resistance/ water proofing:

The gun safe may either be waterproof or water resistant. These are two different things. A waterproof safe means that the gun storage will be completely safe even when submerged in water. On the other hand, a water resistant safe can withstand being in

On the other hand, a water resistant safe can withstand being in the water for an extended period.

8. Door panel:

This feature can maximize the space inside the gun safe. You can place your guns here and related accessories such as the pistols.

Aside from keeping your gun safe organized, a door panel can also save your life. Can you imagine having to dig deep looking for your pistol in a cluttered gun safe?

But with a door panel, your guns and other accessories will be organized well so that you can access your weapon just in case of an assault.

9. Anti-Drill Hard Plate:

This is an important security feature that you should look for in a gun safe. This hard late is small and protects the lock and main locker from being damaged by drilling.

10. Lock warranty:

A lock warranty can protect you against defects in materials and workmanship. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you can get the safe repaired in case its lock doesn’t work, for whatever reason.

Lock warranties may also differ depending on the gun safe. For example, mechanical dial locks have at least five years of lock warranty.

Electronic keypad lock warranties don’t go beyond three years, though.

11. Interior electrical connection:

There are two reasons why you would want a gun safe with interior electrical connection. One is that this would allow you to put an electric gun dehumidifier inside, which is a more advanced moisture protector than desiccants.

The other reason is that you can install LED lighting inside the gun safe. This is particularly important as LED lighting can let you see your guns at night. LED lighting doesn’t generate a lot of heat as well.

These are the 11 features that you must look in a gun safe when shopping for one. These features make any gun safe a worthwhile investment for any gun owner.


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