Stack On Gun Safe Reviews, Comparison & Buyer’s Guide

Stack On Gun Safe Reviews, Comparison & Guides – 2017 Buyer’s Guide

What can you expect from a Stack-On Gun safe? This is perhaps why you’ve been looking for Best Stack-On gun safe reviews online.

Stack-On is a company that has been manufacturing and selling home, office, and industrial storage solutions since 1972. Gun enthusiasts note that the company’s gun safe are all high quality yet affordable.

I’ve tried a couple of Stack-On Gun safe in the past.  Both models held up pretty well, and I was glad that I was able to save a lot on them.

Browsing online reviews on Stack-On Gun safe, I can also say that many gun enthusiasts are happy with their purchase. This goes to show that Stack-On Gun Safe remains a good choice for budget-conscious gun owners.

Top 5  Stack-On Gun safe Comparison Chart

NameDimensions (inches)Weight (pounds)Price
Stack-On 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet GCDG-9216 20 x 40 x 58.5 147Check Price
Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet13.5 x 32 x 55.1116.1Check Price
 Stack-On FS-14-MG-C 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock, Matte Hunter Green20.2 x 19 x 55 290.7Check Price
Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock, Matte Hunter Green29.2 x 20 x 55 414.7Check Price
 Stack-On GCG-910-DS Steel 10-Gun Security Cabinet, Green 13.5 x 17 x 53 56.1Check Price

This review will look at five gun safes from Stack-On. All these safes provide a basic level of protection for your weapons.

Basic level of protection simply means keeping your guns, ammo, scope, and other related accessories out of the reach of children.  These cabinets may also keep your weapons away from burglars.

While it is true that experienced and determined criminals may be able to open these gun safes, the chances are quite low to say the least.

These gun safes are predictably very affordable given that they are designed for basic weapon storage/protection.

But you would love that the interiors of these Stack-On gun safes are padded. Your weapons won’t get any scratches or accumulate dust when you store them in any of these gun cabinets.


 5 Most Popular Stack-On gun safe Reviews

#1: Stack-On 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet GCDG-9216 Review

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet Review

This is a biometric gun safe that can hold around 16 to 31 guns. It has four large, removable steel shelves which would let you place additional valuables such as handguns to jewelry to camera.

This cabinet is made of steel. It has three doors that are separately keyed, meaning you don’t have to open both doorways to get what you need.

This offers a very basic level of protection for your weapons. It’s not fireproof as well.

But if you’re looking for storage for your weapons, this is a good and inexpensive choice. Its build quality and ease of installation are remarkable for its price range.


One of the first things you need to consider in shopping for a safe is the space. This one is pretty spacious, capable of holding at least 16 rifles and shotguns on its right side.

There’s also enough space for your ammunition, survival gear, oils, scopes, and other valuables on the left side.


Another thing you’ll like about this cabinet is the customization options.  You can remove the steel shelves to accommodate shotguns.

Or you can opt to have those shelves stay in place. You can then put your handguns, ammunition, and scope on those shelves.

Easy to Install

This cabinet comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, so you will have an easier time fastening it to the floor or wall. The manufacturer also includes fastening and finishing hardware.

While you might need another person’s help in installing this cabinet given its weight (147 pounds), many reviewers on say it is relatively easy to install. There are also pre-drilled top mounting holes in this cabinet.


This cabinet has a reinforced, full-sized steel door, so it will take awhile for burglars to open it. Plus, its three-point locking system is key coded and double bitted for greater security.

It’s not fire proof though. Still, it provides a decent level of security for people who want to keep their shotguns and ammo away from reach of children and other unauthorized individuals.

  • he finish quality of the cabinet is very good for its price range
  • It is relatively easy to install
  • It can keep your weapons away from kids, guests, and burglars
  • Its removable steel shelves would let you accommodate shot guns and other smaller items like scope and guns
  • There’s no dust seal on the doors
  • It is not fire resistant

#2: Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet Review  

Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet Review

This is another security cabinet where you can keep your weapons and related accessories. It is spacious and easy to install; something you’d want if you are looking for basic level of protection for your weapons.

It’s a relatively cheap gun cabinet that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost. Like the other Stack-On gun safe, this one meets the standards of the California Department of Justice for safely storing firearms.

I like its black finish as it gives any room a very sophisticated touch. Many reviews on suggest you won’t have a hard time installing this safe.


The right side of this cabinet has enough space for 10 rifles. On the left side are shelves where you can place handguns and other accessories like ammunition and scopes.

I think you can place at least two big auto pistols next to each other on the left side of this cabinet. You can also put jewelry and other valuables in that part of the cabinet.

The shelves do come with padding to protect your weapons and other valuables. Plus the shelves are removable; which gives you a lot of freedom as far as storage is concerned.

Easy to Install

As mentioned earlier, this cabinet won’t be giving you problems when you install it. Sure it’s a bit heavy at around 116 pounds so you might want to ask a friend to help you in moving this cabinet.

But it does have pre-drilled mounting holes for easy attachment to the wall and floor. There is also a flush mount bottom designed for easier fastening of this cabinet to the floor.


This gun safe may not be fireproof but it can still give you a means to protect your weapons against burglars. I’ve read a lot of reviews on saying only determined criminals will be able to open this cabinet.

This cabinet has a three-point locking system that makes it quite secure.

I also like that there’s a separate key for each side of the cabinet. You don’t need to expose the right side if you only need to access the items stored on the left side.

  • There is a separate key for each side of the cabinet
  • There is lots of space for shotguns and handguns
  •  It has a very low price
  • It is very to install
  • It is not fireproof
  • It offers very basic level of protection to weapons and accessories

#3: Stack-On 14 GUN Fire Resistant Safe FS-14-MG-C Review

Stack-On FS-14-MG-C 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock, Matte Hunter Green Review

This fire resistant safe is capable of storing up to 8 long guns on one side. On the right side are various levels where you can store other valuables like ammo, scope and jewelry.

Like all the safes in this review, this one has been tested and listed as a California DOJ firearm safety device.

I like that this one is heavy at 300 pounds. I guess it is safe to assume that only Hulk would be able to walk off with this one.

The weight also gives you the impression that this safe is sturdy and well built. You’ll need some help in installing this unit but that is pretty much the case in most safes.


This safe makes use of a combination lock, unlike other cheap safety cabinets that have a key to them.  Most of the reviewers on say that the combo lock works well.

This safe is tested to be fire resistant up to 30 minutes at a temperature of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.


This one is a two section safe. On the right side is where you can place your shotguns.

The right side should be able to store up to 8 long guns. You can then put your other small guns on the left side of the safe.

While this is advertised as a Stack-On 14 gun safe, I feel it would be tough to store 14 guns in this one. But
if you don’t have that many weapons, then this safe should be good enough for you.

I also like the permanent shelf located on the top of the safe. It is very useful for storing things like money and jewelry.

The left side has several movable or removable shelves. You can add or remove these shelves depending on your desired level for storing ammunition or accessories.

And before I forget, yes, the interior of this safe is padded.

Ease of Installation

This safe weighs close to 300 pounds so you’ll have to get some help in installing it. Installation, though, should be not that hard with this gun safe.

You can mount it to the floor and wall so that this safe can’t be stolen by burglars.

  • It is fire resistant
  • It has removable shelves so you can adjust the level of storage
  • It is easy to install
  • It has a small safe on top for storing valuables
  • It is heavy
  • It is hard to put 14 guns inside this safe

#4: Stack-On 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock FS-24-MG-C Review

Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock, Matte Hunter Green Review

This safe is capable of holding up to 24 guns that are up to 54 inches tall. There are four adjustable shelves in this safe.

I like the color of this safe. Its green epoxy pain finish with gold accents gives it a very sophisticated look.

This safe uses a three number combination lock. It has a drill resistant and sturdy steel plate behind the lock, so only a determined burglar will be able to open it.

There’s sufficient room for a lot of guns, ammo, scopes, and other valuables inside the safe. The inside of the safe is also fully carpeted.




This Stack-On 24 gun safe should be able to accommodate 24 small guns. However, if you have full sized rifles, I don’t think you can fit them all inside this safe.

Like the observation of many reviewers on, I guess you can put 18 full sized rifles on this safe.

I did like that there are four adjustable shelves so you can remove or add them depending on your storage needs.


This safe makes use of a three number locking system. It’s not the most complicated in the world but if you’re looking for a basic level of protection and storage for your weapons, this safe should be good enough.

With just three numbers to key in, it should not be that tough for you to remember how to unlock/open this safe.

And in case you are locked out of the safe, you can simply contact the customer support of Stack-On. The customer support team will conduct a verification process to make sure that you are the right owner of the safe.

This, in a way, gives you peace of mind knowing that burglars won’t be able to open this safe.

Locking mechanism

I also liked the keypad as it is spacious enough for me. It won’t lead to sloppy inputting of a key combination.

However the problem I see with it is that it can be hard to see the numbers in low light. Backlighting could have helped, but that obviously jacks up the price of this Stack-On electronic gun safe.

  • It can hold a lot of guns
  • Its three number key combination makes it easy for users to remember the code
  • It keypad is spacious
  • Very affordable
  • You can adjust/remove the shelves
  • Keypad is not backlit
  • Fireproof lining takes up interior volume

#5: Stack-On Steel 10-Gun Security Cabinet GCG-910-DS Review

Stack-On GCG-910-DS Steel 10-Gun Security Cabinet, Green Review

If you only have a couple of guns and you don’t expect to get more in the future, then a Stack-On 8 gun safe should be good enough for you. Or you can get this 10-gun safe as well.

One thing that makes this Stack-On tactical gun safe different from the rest is the weight. Weighing just 50 pounds, this safe won’t pose problems for you as far as installation is concerned.

This cabinet though will offer very minimal protection to your weapons. Let’s just say that a burglar with a crow and lots of time with his hand will be able to open it.

But if you aren’t worried about that scenario, and you just want a cabinet where you can store your weapons from curious guests and your kids, this cabinet should do the job for you.


The first thing I noticed in this cabinet is its three-point locking mechanism. When you turn the key to the lock position, it locks in the middle and on the top or bottom.

Thus it’s harder for most burglars to pry open this safe. It also helps that there is no exposed hardware at all where a burglar can get a wrench on, and take the safe apart from the outside.

Just a simple reminder in case you decide to get this cabinet—the keys are placed in a plastic overwrap. It’s usually taped on top of the cabinet, so it can be quite easy to miss.


If you have a small collection of firearms, then this 10 gun safe should be spacious enough for you.

A friend who bought this had one shotgun, a long rifle, a couple of handguns, and several scopes. Suffice to say, the cabinet was a good choice for him given the number of weapons he had at home.

Plus he mentioned how the door is large enough to draw one of his weapons for quick use.

However, one thing that can be considered a drawback of this model is that its shelves are not adjustable.


This cabinet has a nice hunter green finish. You won’t get the impression that this is a low-priced gun cabinet with that good quality finish.

  • It is very affordable
  • It is ideal for gun owners with less than 10 weapons
  • It is not that heavy so moving it during installation won’t be that hard
  • It has a nice, good quality finish
  • It is not fireproof
  • The shelves are not adjustable

Advantages of owning a Stack On Gun Safe

A Stack On personal safe is a good investment. As a way to protect your guns, a Stack On safe is one of the better choices out there.

Reading a positive Stack On safe review is a frequent occurrence. This is thanks to the company’s dedication to quality.

Though you will find that Stack On has a lot of storage options available, their line of gun safes are stand out. There are several advantages to buying one for yourself.


Many Stack On gun safes have a lot of space inside them. If you have a lot of guns, a Stack-on gun safe should be enough for most collections.

One of the bigger Stack On safes can safely hold over 16 shotguns or rifles. That is a small armory and should meet most of your gun storage needs.


Some safes just allow you to dump your guns inside. However, Stack On allows for better organization.

For example, a Stack On safe drawer is available to make it easy to pull out a gun or to pack it in. Just open the safe and draw a gun’s drawer to have direct access to it.


One of Stack On’s attractions is the use the three-point locking system. This is a better locking option than single-point locking.

With three-point locking, your safe locks at the top and bottom of the door, not just where the lock is. This means any thief trying to cut their way in needs to break these three locks.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Stack On Gun Safe

A Stack On gun cabinet is durable, but you will need to maintain it properly to get a lot of mileage out of it. You will also need to properly use them to ensure that they remain undamaged.

Proper usage extends into several areas. One of the more important ones is the lock.

If the safe has a traditional lock, you’ll need to keep your Stack On gun safe key safe and secure. Lose this key and you’ll need to contact your local locksmith to try and break the lock.

There are also safes that feature electronic locks. You need to reset the combination on your Stack On safe regularly so that any intruder will have trouble breaking in.

Forgetting the combination to an electronic lock is easier to resolve. This is thanks to the fact that you can request for your combination from Stack On.

Besides the lock, you will also need to know how to properly clean and take care of your safe. A well-maintained safe will last you for years.

Cleaning a gun safe should be a regular duty. Ensure that you do it one a month.

It should be easy enough. Unload all the guns and set them aside nearby before doing so.

When your safe is empty, you can clean it out with a simple cloth and some water. Dry it off with another piece of cloth and return your guns.

You will also want to apply oil to the hinges during your cleaning. Well-oiled hinges open without a squeak and stop them from rusting.

Top 5 FAQs about Stack On Gun Safe

What Sort of Stack On Gun Safes are Out There?

There is a Stack On gun safe for whatever gun you have.

If you have a lot of guns, then you should go for a tactical gun cabinet. This is especially for long arms and rifles.

However, for those who only have one or two guns, a Stack On pistol safe is a good investment. There is even a Stack On quick access safe that lets you get your gun quickly with a simple biometric lock.

No matter what situation, Stack On has the safe for you.

How Durable are These Safes?

These safes are pretty durable. They are comparable to other products on the market.

Are These Fire Proof?

Depending on the model, there are differing levels of fire resistance. Some of them are fire-proof, while others are not.

What Locks Do They Use?

These safes use a variety of locking mechanisms. The two most popular choices are combination locks and electronic locks.

However, biometric locks are also available to those who want quick access.

Where are Stack On Safes Made?

Stack On Manufacturing believes in keeping the business in America. This is why their main facility is in the state of Illinois.

Final Verdict

These Stack-On gun safes are all great choice if you don’t want to spend a lot on a gun safe.

However, the Stack-On 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock FS-24-MG-C is clearly the best in this list.

Not only is that safe capable of holding the most number of firearms. I like its easy to use, three number locking system.

The keypad is also spacious enough for me that the chances of inputting the wrong code are very remote.

It also has adjustable shelves so I can remove them in case I need more space for my long guns.

Indeed, I highly recommend the Stack-On 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock FS-24-MG-C.

Stack On Gun Safe Reviews, Comparison & Guides
  • Stack-On 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet
  • Stack-On 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet
  • Stack-On 14 GUN Fire Resistant Safe
  • Stack-On 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock
  • Stack-On Steel 10-Gun Security Cabinet

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