How to Move a Gun Safe? Step by Step Guide

Gun safes are heavy, whether it is a fingerprint gun safe or a fireproof gun safe. After all, gun safes are typically made of steel. Depending on the size, a metal gun safe can easily weigh more than 300 pounds, and that’s completely empty.

Thus moving it by yourself should not be an option, unless you want to suffer from severe back and arm injuries.

How do you move a heavy gun safe? Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

1. Clear the safe first.

Suffice to say, having all those guns inside the safe makes it heavier and thus more difficult to move.  So take out all the guns first before you move it. Double-check that none of the weapons are loaded. Keep the firearms in a locked closet.

2. Get an appropriate moving equipment

movers dollyA furniture dolly is something you will need if you want to move a gun safe.  You can buy a furniture dolly at home improvement centers for less than $20.

A cheap dolly can handle the weight of up to 1,000 pounds, so even an entry-level unit should be enough to move your gun safe across a flat surface.

You should look for a dolly with rub rails as it can move heavy objects up and down the stairs.

3. Enlist the help of other people.

Once you have a furniture dolly, the next thing you’ll need to do is to enlist the help of 2-3 people who are physically fit to move a gun safe. Unless you are Superman, it is highly impossible for you to move the gun safe by yourself.

If you can, enlist the help of professional movers. They’re very familiar with moving heavy objects like safe. Moreover, inexperienced safe movers tend to commit mistakes which may prove costly in the end.

4. Plan your moving strategy

Even before you start lifting the gun safe, you should have cleaned and cleared the place where the gun safe will be moved.

You ought to be sure that this is the permanent home of your gun safe—after all, moving the gun safe multiple is not only tiring but also time-consuming.

Wrap your safe with a thick moving blanket. Tape it securely so that the gun safe won’t damage any property while being moved.

If it has a removable door, remove it safely so that the gun safe will not be as heavy and thus easier to move.

Tilt the weapon safe carefully to one side before sliding the dolly underneath it.  Once the unit has come to rest upon the moving equipment, tilt the dolly back so that the weight will be evenly distributed.

Then push the dolly carefully towards the room or place where you intend to move it with one or two assistants guiding the safe.

5. Moving upstairs or downstairs.

It’s a bit complicated when you want to move the safe upstairs or downstairs.

Again, the dolly will be important here. Two or more ably bodied people should lift up the dolly one step at a time, while one or two assistants guide the safe.

Moving the safe downstairs is even more difficult. At least three or more people will have to guide the dolly as it is moved down the stairs.

The entire moving process should be done smoothly and slowly, given the weight of the gun safe.

When lifting the safe, make follow proper lifting techniques. Don’t use your back to push. Bend your knees, getting strength from your legs for lifting or pushing the safe.

6. Other safety reminders.

Before moving the gun safe, dress properly. Wear work gloves and comfortable closed shoes to protect your hands, toes, and feet, respectively.

If you’re not sure that you can move the best gun safe or best biometric gun safe, then it may be better to get some professional help. Go online and look for professional movers who can do a better and safer job of moving the gun safe.

The bottom line is that even cheap gun safes are pretty difficult to move. But if you have the right tools, sufficient number of people, and know-how, then it is not impossible to move a heavy gun safe.


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