Best Mesa Gun Safe Reviews, Comparison & Guides of 2019

Are you planning to buy a gun safe from Mesa? Well, reading Mesa gun safe reviews like this is a good way for you to determine the right model for your weapons.

I’ll be straight-forward about it. Mesa gun safes are very expensive. You’ll really have to pay more when you get safe from this company.

Despite the sky-high prices of Mesa gun safes, you can be assured that you are getting a quality gun safe. The company, after all, is known for its well-made and features-packed safes.

In short, you’ll be getting your money’s worth when you buy a Mesa gun safe. You might be spending a lot for a gun safe but you can be assured that what you’re getting is the best in the market right now.

Top 5 Mesa Gun Safe Reviews & Comparison Chart

NameLocksCubic CapacityDimensions (inches)Weight (pounds)View on Amazon
Mesa Safe MBF6032EDigital14 Cubic Feet22 x 32 x 59670Check Price
Mesa Safe MBF5922EDigital7.9 Cubic Feet20 x 22 x 59528Check Price
Mesa Safe MBF7236EDigital22.9 Cubic Feet24 x 36 x 71922Check Price
Mesa Safe MBF2020CCombination3.3 Cubic Feet22 x 22 x 22.5194Check Price
Mesa Safe MFL3020EEElectronic2.2 Cubic Feet20 x 20 x 30190Check Price

The five Mesa gun safes that I will review here are all fireproof. These units can resist fire up to an hour with a maximum temperature of 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mesa also says that these units are so durable that you can drop them from the top of a two-storey building and they would remain solid and unopened.

Of course, I won’t be able to try that at all but basing from the comments I’ve read on, all these Mesa safes are very strong and durable.

A common feature of these safes is the use of a digital locking mechanism. Like many gun owners, I have always preferred the convenience of a digital lock than a mechanical lock.

These safes also have upholstered interiors. Plus you will be able to control the humidity inside the safes, as most of these units have humidity controls.

There are also USB plugs which would allow you to plug in light and dehumidifier rods.

In conclusion, you can expect superior construction, advanced locking mechanism, and spacious interiors with these safes.


Top 5 Most Popular Mesa Gun Safe Reviews

#1: Mesa Safe MBF6032E Review 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe

Mesa Safe MBF6032E 14 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock
Mesa MBF6032E gun safe can hold around 30 rifles. Made of all-steel, this safe also comes with a digital locking mechanism that lets you conveniently access your stored weapons inside.

But what I like best about this safe is that it comes with a key back up. If you forgot your code, you need not worry as you can turn to the spare keys.

You’ll be impressed with the build quality of this safe. You’d know that Mesa didn’t scrimp on materials just by looking at this safe.

This is a heavy, solid and roomy safe that you can get if you’re a casual gun collector or hunter.

Build Quality

Make no mistake about it, this safe is one solid unit. It is made of all-steel, with a thickness of 1 ½ inches.

Unlike other safes, you won’t find any plastic part in this unit.

It also has four, 1-inch diameter solid steel live locking bolts that are designed to resist drill and pry attacks of burglars. The bad guys will have to be extra strong and clever to open the door of this safe, what with its three big, 1-inch diameter solid steel dead bolts or hinges.

Like most of the gun safes from Mesa, this unit is fire resistant. It is capable of resisting fire up to an hour, and temperatures of up to 1750 degrees.

According to Mesa, this unit has been tested to survive a fall from a two-storey building. Of course, I haven’t tried that, but it only goes to show how durable this unit is.

Locking mechanism

As I mentioned earlier, this safe is equipped with a digital locking mechanism. This gives you the convenience of inputting your elected user codes.

If you suddenly forgot your user code, you can turn to the backup keys. I found this a very good feature especially for those times you can’t recall your code.


You can put around 30 rifles in this unit. The interior is fully upholstered, so it is very unlikely that your weapons will get scratches when you put them inside this unit.

Plus, there are removable shelves in this safe. This is a very useful feature as you can add or remove shelves according to your storage requirements.

  • It is fire proof
  • It has removable shelves
  • It has a digital locking mechanism
  • It has backup keys
  • The keypad would likely wear out in 2-3 years
  • There are some units where the interior carpeting was poorly glued

#2: Mesa Safe MBF5922E Review 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun Safe

Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock
This is another all-steel gun safe that I highly recommend if your collection of long guns don’t exceed 20 units. I also suggest that you get this unit if you don’t plan on growing that weapon collection.

Like most of the Mesa gun safes reviewed in this article, this unit is fire proof. Burglars will also have to work a lot harder and need a lot more time if they want to open this safe.
The interior of this safe has lighting and humidity controls. Those are features you would see in safes that are more expensive than this one.

This unit can also resist fire for up to an hour. It can withstand temperatures exceeding 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.


The interior of this safe is fully upholstered. If you’re the type of gun owner who’s very meticulous when it comes to storing your weapons, then you should have no qualms placing your rifles inside this unit.

But what made me very impressed with this safe is the humidity control. As you would know, it is very important to prevent excess moisture in a gun safe as it can lead to guns getting rusty or parts sticking together, which can lead to a misfire.

Aside from the humidity control, there is lighting inside this safe. Yes, you would be able to see your valuables inside it even when you have the room lights switched off.

There are two side-by-side sections inside this safe. You can remove the shelves depending on your storage needs.
Mesa says this unit can hold 14 long guns, but I’ve been reading a lot of reviews online suggesting that it can only hold around 8 to 10 rifles.

There are also a couple of plugs and USB ports inside. You can use those for light and dehumidifier rods.

Build Quality

Just like what you would expect from a gun safe from Mesa, this unit is made of all steel. The unit has a 1 ½ inch overall thickness.

Again, burglars will have to try all tricks they know if they want to open this safe.  It has 12 1 ½ diameter solid steel locking and deadbolts, which would take Superman to remove.

Simply put, this safe is a tough, sturdy unit where you would want your weapons and valuables to be stored.

  • It is fire resistant
  • It has a digital locking mechanism
  • It has humidity control
  • It has plugs and USB ports inside
  • Not spacious enough for more than 10 long guns
  • Anchor kit instructions are a bit confusing

#3: Mesa Safe MBF7236E Review 22.9 Cubic Foot 32 Rifle Gun Safe

Mesa Safe Company MBF7236E 22.9 Cubic Foot 32 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

Now if you are a hardcore gun collector with more than 30 rifles, I highly recommend that you get this 22.9 cubic foot gun safe with the digital locking mechanism. Like the other gun safes from Mesa, this unit comes with an override key for those moments when you forget your user code.

This is a big and sturdy gun safe that has enough room for 32 long guns. It meets California’s Department of Justice requirements, and many online reviews indicate that owners are very happy with the build quality of this safe.

This unit, just like other Mesa safes, is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Unlike the other gun safes in this list, this unit can really hold the number of long guns as advertised by Mesa.

Most reviews on suggest that the safe is capable of holding as many as 32 long guns.

There are three racks in this unit. All three racks can accommodate around 10 long guns.

Plus, there are the removable shelves that you can add or remove depending on your storage requirements. So if you like to put your ammo, cash, or jewelry box in the safe, you can do so by inserting the shelves in any of the racks.

There is also a top shelf where you can store other valuables and gun accessories such as scopes.

The interior is also fully carpeted. You can also plug in a dehumidifier rod in this safe through the USB port inside the unit.

Build Quality

You can’t dismiss this safe as sub-par once you look at how this one is built. Like the other gun safes from Mesa, it has an all-steel construction.

The body of the unit has a 1 ½ inch thickness, with fire-resistant materials. This model is capable of holding its own against fire for up to an hour, and maximum temperature of 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

The brass handles also look well built.

Digital lock

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I prefer to use safes with the digital locking mechanism. This safe is equipped with one as well.

You can key in 2 user codes in the keypad, so there’s a lower risk that you would be locked out of this safe. The keypad itself is very sturdy.

And yes, this safe has an override key.

  • It has a digital lock
  • The unit is spacious enough for more than 30 long guns
  • It has removable shelves so you can adjust depending on your storage needs
  • It is fire resistant
  • It’s heavy
  • It can get some scratches due to shipping/heavy weight

#4: Mesa Safe MBF2020C Review All Steel Burglary and Fire Safe

Mesa Safe MBF2020C All Steel Burglary and Fire Safe with Combination Lock, 3.3-Cubic Feet, Hammered Grey

But what if you have only a handful of guns? It wouldn’t make sense to invest in a pricey and huge gun safe, right?

If that’s your concern, then you should look at this all-steel and fire resistant, 3.3 cubic feet safe from Mesa. It is a small safe where you can place a handful of handguns and even ammunition.

You can also put other valuables inside it such as cash and jewelry box. And because it is small you can install it by yourself—no need to call for professional help!

Just as you would expect from Mesa gun safes, this unit is fire resistant. Mesa says it can continue to protect the valuables inside it even when there’s fire in your house, and as long as the fire exposure doesn’t last more than two hours.

You can drill this into the floor, or have it put inside your cabinet. It’s a very useful safe to have inside your home.

Build Quality

Simply put, burglars won’t be able to pry or drill this safe that easily. The door is thick at 4 ½ inches, and it has heavy duty, solid steel hinges.

This safe also has three, solid steel locking bolts and dead bolts. All bolts have a diameter of 1 inch.

The hinges are also made of heavy duty steel. The body of the unit itself is 1 ¾ inch thick, with a steel plate that is lined with a fire resistant material.

Moreover, Mesa says that this safe can also endure a fall from a 2 story building. It can also resist a two-hour fire at temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Simply put it, this safe is built like a tank.


Open the doors and you’ll see three levels inside the safe.  Like the other safes discussed in this review you can adjust the storage inside by removing the two high strength shelves.

There’s not much space inside the safe if you compare it with the three other models mentioned. But the interiors should be good enough for one to two handguns and maybe some ammo and cash.

The interiors are also fully upholstered.

  • It is not that heavy so installing it can be done DIY
  • It is strong and durable despite its size
  • It is fire resistant
  • It has a digital lock
  • Very limited space
  • There’s no backup key

#5: Mesa Safe MFL3020EE Depository Safe

Mesa Safe MFL3020EE Depository Safe, 1.4 Top and 2.2 Bottom interior cubic feet, 2 Compartments

This one is very similar to the Mesa Safe MBF2020C. It’s small and not as heavy as other safes, and in fact, can work well as an office safe.

But what I like about this safe is that you can input up to five user codes. Thus you won’t likely get locked out of this safe.

You can also assign user codes to other people in your household, like your spouse so that in a case of an emergency she can get your weapon.

Opening this safe would be quite a challenge for most burglars as well. It is very sturdy and durable that it would take some time for criminals to pry it open.


Make no mistake about it; this one provides very limited space for your guns. With a combined 3.6 cubic feet of space, you could only place one or two handguns inside.

You would also be lucky enough to squeeze in some ammo and cash inside this safe.

But the interior is fully carpeted so if you’re the type of gun owner who is very cautious in storing his weapon then this safe won’t cause any problems for you.

Locking Mechanism

As I mentioned earlier, this safe has a digital locking mechanism. The lock is battery operated and lets you input up to 5 user codes.

With this feature, you can let other adults in your household open the safe. That would be very handy in case of an emergency.

There are separate locks for the two doors of this safe. So you don’t have to open one door just to get the weapon stored in the top level or section.

  • It is very compact, perfect for home and even office use
  • It has a digital locking mechanism
  • It can allow up to 5 user codes
  • Separate locks
  • Not enough space for a rifle
  • No lighting inside


The history of the Mesa safe brand

Mesa safe company started around 1981 it has been on the market for about 40 years. It has been a leader in providing durable, safer strong and the highest quality products around the world. And this can be proved by the years the company has been able to survive in the industry without failure.

This company was formed by George L. Vincent at the age of 16 years during this time he was a locksmith. And due to his experiences, it proves that he made his company grow with a lot of knowledge about designing of the safes.

This also led to the company coming up with safes that are safer for use either in the office or at home.

Mesa safes are purely made from steel and their locking systems are of high quality. When the company started it used to deal with the local market until they managed to enter the international markets.

Due to continuous inventions within the company the company is able to produce safes at cost-effective their performance is great and are also durable.

Mesa safe brand has a well-performing customer service and if a customer requests for delivery services it’s also available.

Where are Mesa safes made?

Mesa safe company is in the United States of America the city of orange California as its headquarters of manufacturing.

It was formed in 1981 and it has been the leading brands in the country for 40 years. The company produces high-quality brands that should be trusted by customers.

Advantages of owning a Mesa gun safe

A Mesa security safe is a good investment to protect your firearms. Though better known for its safes for businesses, Mesa has a great gun safe line.

A Mesa safe protects from burglary and fire with its heavy-duty construction and secure locking mechanisms. With one as acting as your gun storage, you will have less worries.

There are several advantages to buying one. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Increased Security

Mesa produces some of the toughest gun safes on the market right now. Made of solid steel, a burglar will have a hard time physically opening this safe.

The locking mechanism is a very solid electronic lock. This lock has two user codes, has auto-relocking in case of tampering, and there is even an emergency key system.


Besides protection from theft, this gun safe is also very secure against more physical dangers. There is no better proof than their gun safe drop test.

This test had them drop one of their gun safes from nearly two stories. The end result was that the safe came out without a scratch.

The durability of the safe extends to fire protection. Tests have the safe surviving up to an hour of exposure to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit heat.


Owning a Mesa gun safe ensures that your guns and loved ones get the protection that they deserve.

Guns are not playthings, but kids don’t know that. With children in your home, a gun safe ensures that they won’t get hurt in an accident.

On the other hand, your guns can get damage from careless handling. Having a secure storage space protects them from this.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Mesa gun safe

There are several things to know about maintaining a Mesa safe. One of the important ones is about the electronic lock.

Unlike traditional safes, Mesa safes feature an electronic lock. One of the essential maintenance requirements of a Mesa safe is to change the code regularly.

This is to ensure that your safe is extra-secure. Changing every two months stops people from using old codes to break into your safe.

One of the problems though is that you might possibly forget your code. For that situation, you may want to use the Mesa safe company reset code or override code to get out of that situation.

Traditional maintenance is still needed to keep your safe in shape though. This requires cleaning and oiling of the safe.

Cleaning your safe should be easy enough. You’ll need to regularly wipe away the dust on the outside and clean up the dirt on the inside of the safe.

To do so, you’ll need a clean cloth and a cleaning solution. When you finish wiping away the dirt, you should dry it out with another piece of cloth, which is to stop the development of rust.

Finally, you’ll need to oil the hinges of your safe. Regular oiling stops rust from developing in the hinges and ensures that they open smoothly without creaking.

To apply the oil, all you need to do is choose a good lubricant and then apply it to the top, sides, and bottom of the hind. Wipe away the excess after the application so that it won’t leave a mess.

Mesa vs Other Safes

Mesa safe vs liberty

Mesa safe guns compared to liberty safes are both of high quality and but mesa relatively cheaper compared to liberty making it pocket-friendly to their customers.

Although both safe guns are durable these makes them last for a long period of time. In these safes, they contain USB plugs that give you the user a chance to put on light making it easier to access.

Mesa safe vs amsec

Both Mesa guns safes and amsec safe can resist fire with temperatures of less than 1750 degrees hence they can still safely keep arms in high temperature.

Because of its durability, it gives a safe and strong defense of guns in the safe during a fire breakout. Both the safe are durable hence they last for a longer period after buying.

Mesa safe vs sentry safe

The safes have a digital lock making them convenient because mechanical locks might be tempered by anyone who has bad intentions.

These safe are built in that one can change temperatures in the safe because they have humidity control. It is durable hence it lasts longer because it’s of high quality.

Top 5 FAQs about Mesa gun safe

How Tough are Mesa Safes?

These safes are the toughest around. Their all-steel construction makes them very durable.

As a good example of how much punishment they can take, there is the drop test. Dropped from two stories high, one of these safes came out without a scratch.

How Long is the Warranty?

If something does go wrong with your Mesa safe, you can quickly have a replacement thanks to the warranty. It lasts for a year, which should be enough time for any problems to emerge.

What Makes Mesa Safes so Special?

Mesa safes are currently the toughest gun safes on the market right now. It also helps that they feature secure electronic locks with special safety features.

How Big are Mesa Safes?

These safes are very big. These are for major collectors who have a lot of guns.

If you only have a pistol or two to keep safe, you may want to buy something a bit smaller that will fit your budget.

Where are Mesa safes made? Are Mesa safes made in the USA?

All Mesa safes are proudly made in America. The company operates out of Orange County in California and all safes come from their main branch there.

Final Verdict

These are all quality safes from Mesa, but if I were to choose just one model, I would go with the Mesa Safe MBF7236E 22.9 Cubic Foot 32 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock.

Obviously, having enough storage for up to 30 rifles is the main reason I am picking this unit.  This safe is very much ideal for hardcore gun owners and hunting enthusiasts.

You may counter that you don’t own that many rifles. But in my experience, gun owners would always say they don’t have plans of owning more than two guns.

Yet eventually, they buy more than they had planned.

Because let’s admit it, owning and collecting guns is very addictive, aside from the fact that it gives us a sense of protection or security.

Feedback or Question? Feel free to let me know leaving a comment below!


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