How to Unlock an American Security Safe (Amsec) – A Step by Step Guide

Amsec SafeSince the early 1940’s, the American Security Products Company (AMSEC) has been producing high-quality safes for its clients. Unlike most companies, they specialize in both domestic and commercial safes.

Due to their longevity in the business, they have continually evolved their safes and in the process improving security features on their safes.

AMSEC produces four types of locks for its safes. While the locks appear similar, each safe has a specified turning sequence for the tumblers to be activated and open the lock. Therefore, each safe will have its own procedure of unlocking.

Therefore to open an AMSEC safe, you have to; know the type of lock on the safe and the procedure of opening the specific lock by either entering the correct code on a keypad or turning a dial on a combination lock.

The following are the four types of locks used on AMSEC safes and the procedure of opening them.

Group II Combination Locks

These types of locks are essentially normal combination safes. They have a dial which a user uses to enter the required code for the safe to open. However, they differ from other combination locks as they have a procedure to be followed when turning the dial.

The following is the procedure for opening AMSEC Group II Combination Locks:

  • The first step involves turning the dial anti-clockwise for four revolutions and then stopping at the first number in the combination at exactly the 12 o’clock spot.
  • Next step involves turning the dial clockwise for three revolutions before landing on the second number in the combination
  • Next, you turn the dial anti-clockwise for two more revolutions and landing on the third number in the combination
  • Lastly, you turn the dial clockwise slowly until it stops on its own and the lock opens. Turn the handle and pull the lock’s door to open

Star Round Door Combination Lock

These types of locks are commonly found on floor safes. They are easily recognizable by their round door. To open this type of safe, follow the following procedure:

  • First turn the dial anti-clockwise for four full revolutions and then land on the first number in the safe combination at exactly 12 o’clock position.
  • Next, turn the dial clockwise for three revolutions and stop at the second number in the safe combination.
  • Next, turn the dial anti-clockwise for two revolutions and land on the third number in the safe combination.
  • Lastly, turn the dial clockwise and stop at zero. Push the dial in and then and continue turning it in the clockwise direction until it stops on its own. The safe is now open.

Key Locking Dials

Amsec SafeThese types of lock appear similar Group II combination locks but have an added security feature as one has to insert a key into the safe and then enter the combination code.

To open the safe, first of all, set the dial to the zero position and insert a key into the provided keyhole on the lock. Turn the key anti-clockwise for a half turn and then so as to turn the lock. Afterwards, twirl the key clockwise until it stops.

Next, detach the key and input the correct combination using the same procedure for a Group two combination lock.

Electronic Combination Locks

Combinations of these types of locks vary in length but the unlocking procedure is basically the same. Before attempting to input the combination to unlock the safe, ensure that the handle of the safe is in the fully locked position.

The following is the process of opening an electronic Combination safe:

  • Push the C button to clear any instructions that may have been inputted on the lock
  • Input the combination digits slowly one by one listening for a chirp after every digit is entered. Press the pound sign to confirm the code when you are through.
  • The safe has a 3-second window for one to pull the door of the safe open after inputting the combination code and it locks itself again automatically.
Whenever four incorrect combinations are entered sequentially, the safe goes into a lock out mode for 15 minutes where it cannot be opened even with the right code.

Someone forget the combination for opening the safe, AMSEC does not provide a replacement code. The owner has to find a locksmith who is an expert in cracking AMSEC safes to open it for them.

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