BSA Sweet 17 3-9×40 Scope Matte Black Review

For some of us, hunting and shooting are not a hobby but a lifestyle. A well-cultivated lifestyle that needs a quality investment.

For a hunter who is passionate about the woods and taking accurate shots, the kind of scope one uses is a priority.

I have prepared the BSA sweet 17 3-9×40 review to guide you when you need to purchase the best scope.

Initially, the scope was a priced possession by military snipers. The BSA is making its way into the hands of shooters and ardent hunters.

This can be credited to its precision and ability. Your days in the moods might prove a lot easier with the BSA sweet 17.

BSA Sweet .17 3 - 9x40mm Scope Matte Black

Highlighted features

  • The BSA Sweet 17 has fully coated optics ensuring perfect light transmission.
  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price hence will not require much of a sweat to acquire.
  • The scope has commendable optic clarity.
  • The BSA Sweet 17 holds zero well.
  • It has an amazing quality which is durable and up to the task.
  • Has a magnification of 3x – 9x.
  • Caters for parallax aptly.

Features of BSA Sweet 17 3-9x 40 Scope Matte Black

The BSA sweet 17 is a product of widely renowned BSA Optics & Recreational Optics.

Customer satisfaction is a well-known trait of the company. Their products do not disappoint. Incorporated with only the best technology the BSA Sweet 17 lasts long, is an excellent performer and is pretty accurate.

Fully coated optics

Little attention is paid to lens coating. This does not make it an insignificant feature. In fact, this is one of those features you should not go blindly about.

The BSA Sweet 17 scopes have fully coated optics. This has amazing capabilities of reducing reflective loss. Light transmission is also greatly boosted.

Poorly coated optics translates to unimaginable losses of light. This could sometimes be up to 35% of light which may fail to reach the objective lens. This will cost you clear images.

The BSA Sweet 17 is thus designed to aptly deal with light transmission. You will, therefore, be able to pay attention to the slightest of details with it.

Ability to hold zero

Most hunters will be put off by incessant readjustment of their rifle optics. The BSA Sweet 17 has an amazing zero holding ability that will make shooting targets easy.

The worry that it will lose its adjustment as you use it is close to none. It is reliable and hitting your target is certainly easier.

It has a high optic quality which is to thank for its ability to hold zero. As you zero therefore what you aim at, high chances are that it is what you shoot. It just might reduce on your zero holding struggles with other rifles.


One of the most amazing features of the BSA Sweet 17 is its clarity. The optic quality could be mistaken for an even much more expensive scope.

Its ability to show water clear images make it a perfect companion for your hunting trips. Blurry scopes will often have you missing your aim by very slight margins- very frustrating if you ask me.

With the BSA Sweet 17, however, you will distinctly be able to focus on the detail and make more precise shots.

We all know how essential accuracy is for any hunter. This will only be achieved if you can clearly tell apart what is on display on the scope.

Build quality

One of the most important features of any device is centered on its make. If you buy a device that is of a poor make, it is well equivalent to playing yourself.

The BSA Sweet 17 does not disappoint in its well-thought design and quality. It is evident that it was with customer satisfaction in mind.

It has durable target-style turrets which are vital in worthwhile hunting. Since you will be able to freely adjust your bullet to meet your aim distance will not be such a big issue.

It is also waterproof as it has a coating which holds water as droplets preventing sheeting. Cleaning thus becomes easier. Even more interesting is its fog and shockproof abilities.


Compared to other scopes, the BSA Sweet 17 is very cheap. Its features cannot be matched to other scopes which you will pay the same amount for.

Its features match more expensive scopes that will milk you dry.  If you are looking for value for your money perhaps you should settle for the BSA Sweet 17. Enjoy more for less.

Additional features

  • Field of view :  The field of view that comes with the BSA Sweet 17 is impressive. It covers your object of aim excellently. At 100 yards the field of view stands at 40-13.
  • Magnification : You will be able to magnify your target by 3x all the way to 9x. This will have your target appear bigger than they would appear to the naked eye.


  • It is super easy to use even with your teenagers.
  • It has incredible detail.
  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price.
  • The field of view is very large and accommodating.
  • This model holds zero well.
  • The optics are amazingly bright with unmatchable clarity.
  • The turrets are capless.
  • The model has durable target-style turrets.


  • You will find it a little heavy.
  • Its compatibility with air guns is not the best.
  • It does not stand up to the recoil of a springer.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Up to how far can I see clearly with the BSA Sweet 17?

A: The BSA Sweet 17 allows you to see up to 100 yards very clearly. Far past 100 yards may not be very clear.

Q: Does the BSA Sweet 17 work with air guns?

A: BSA Sweet 17 does work with air guns. It is however not as effective and you might find yourself struggling with it.


Final Verdict

Did you gain something from my BSA sweet 17 3-9×40 review? I believe you did. The next time you want to upgrade your scope or if you want to buy a new scope, consider this model as a great pick.

The BSA Sweet 17 is in the market to stay since it a quality scope tailored for hunters and shooters all over the world.

It has splendid accuracy, will last you many hunting days and is economically friendly. It is a scope I would recommend openly. Try it today!

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