Best Honeywell Gun Safe Reviews, Comparison & Guides – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Reading Honeywell gun safe reviews is the most efficient way of making sure you’ll get the right product for your home or office. The company manufactures a lot of these, so you need to do some research to avoid making mistakes.

That’s why I created this review guide so all the facts you need to make a sound purchase is available in one place.  If you are buying a safe for the first time, the info here will help you get started.

Introduction to the Best Honeywell Gun Safe

A Honeywell safe is different from others for many reasons. Yes, its purpose is the same and that is to protect valuables. However, these products are highly regarded because of the strict quality controls the company employs in their design.

While their safes vary, they all made from quality materials using only the most reliable techniques. Their safes are also inexpensive and suitable for those on a budget.

Finally, their safes are packed with features to increase protection for the items inside.  It is these traits that make the safes so much in demand and has helped Honeywell become a trusted brand.

Top 5 Honeywell Safe Comparison Chart

NameTypeDimensions in InchesWeightView on Amazon
Honeywell 1104 Fire/Water Safe ChestLock and Key7.34 x 19.9 x 1756 poundsCheck Price
Honeywell 1108 Fire/Water Large File Safe ChestLock and Key 13.6 x 20 x 17.280.3 poundsCheck Price
Honeywell 1103 Fire/Water Safe ChestLock and Key 6.5 x 16.0 x 12.628.5 poundsCheck Price
Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Steel Security SafeDigital-dial lock18 x 15 x 21.661.7 poundsCheck Price
Honeywell 5107 Large Steel Security SafeDigital Lock21.7 x 15.0 x 18.060 poundsCheck Price

How to Choose the Best Honeywell Safe

Whether you’re looking for a Honeywell gun safe or a secure storage for your valuables, there are many options to choose from. In the reviews section we’re going to take a look at the top Honeywell safe models, but for now let’s examine the factors buyers should consider.


This is one of the primary factors, and the items you’re going to put in the safe determines the proper size.

  • If you’re going to put passports, cash or a single pistol in it, a small chest will do.
  • For large handguns or various objects, get one of the Honeywell large chests as they have space and specs for it.


Durability refers both to the construction and the protection provided to the contents inside.

  • The safes use different thicknesses of steel. The thicker the steel the more protection the safe brings.
  • Many Honeywell safes are fire rated and waterproof, but read the description to verify this.


Honeywell makes a lot of safes, and the following is a general classification for information purposes.

  • Small Safes: drawer and compact safes fall into this category. They’re portable, easy to hide and affordable.
  • Gun Safes: these are designed specifically to hold pistols. However, they are versatile enough to be used for other valuables.
  • Waterproof Safes: these safes have been specially built so they’re waterproof. These are also resistant to moisture, which makes them ideal for sensitive materials and documents.
  • Fireproof Safes: as the name implies these are fireproof and often used for storing a wide range of items. They’re available in different sizes and meant for long-term use.

Locking Options

Honeywell uses different locking systems for their safes:

  • Read up as much as you can about the locking mechanism, as that serves as the primary means of protection.
  • Some of these safes use digital locks while others are manual. It’s up to you to decide which is better.

5 Most Popular Honeywell Safe Reviews

Now let’s take a more detailed look at these Honeywell wall safe products and what they have to offer.

#1: Honeywell 1104 Fire/Water Safe Chest 

Honeywell Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box Chest with Carry Handle, Large, 1104
This isn’t strictly a Honeywell pistol safe, but with interior dimensions of 4.5″H x 14.8″W x 12.0″D, there is more than enough room for it. Primarily designed for paper documents, the 1104 is one of Honeywell’s most versatile safes.

Its key lock system is very secure, and the carry handle is as durable as the rest of the body.

The safe is backed by a 7-year warranty and an After Fire warranty, so if the safe is damaged during a fire, you get a replacement.

The Honeywell is also heavy, and that’s a good thing because it means no one will be cable to carry it out without a struggle. Finally, the interior is scratch resistant even though it is made of plastic.

Fire and Waterproof

The 1104 has been tested waterproof for up to 1 meter / 39 inches for 48 hours, and its fire protection is good for one hour at 1550 F. In case of fire or flooding, you’ll have ample time to take the safe out and not worry about the contents being damaged.

Extra Security Measures

The safe has side latches and a waterproof seal that keeps the contents safe and dry from sprinklers and other water sources. If you’re looking for a place to store documents, this is a good choice as they’re guaranteed to be kept dry.

Large Interior

With .38 cubic feet of interior space, there is a lot of room for your legal and A4 size documents. You can also use the available space for digital media.

  • Sold in different sizes
  • Easy to carry
  • Secure lock
  • Offers lots of storage
  • Some users complain it is too heavy
  • The locking tabs don’t have a solid feel to them
Highlighted Features
  • Comes with a convenient handle
  • Dual compression latches
  • Water resistant for up to 48 hours
  • Has 1 hour fire rating
  • No need for batteries

Bottom Line

This Honeywell fire chest is ideal for storing work and business documents and even money.

#2: Honeywell 1108 Fire/Water Large File Safe Chest

Honeywell 1 Hour Fire Safe Waterproof Filing Safe Box Chest fits Letter, A4, and Legal Files, Large, 1108
The 1108 is the larger version of the other Honeywell A4 / legal safes and it has many similar features, but everything is bigger here.

The 1108 is large and weighs 80 lbs. empty, and with an interior measuring 10.6″H x 14.8″W x 12.0″D you’ll have enough space for a pile of legal documents.

If your work requires you to keep copies of these papers, the 1108 is up to the task.

The safe is very easy to use, but if you need assistance there is a detailed manual included. Once you’ve set the safe to the desired location, make sure it is horizontally set so you can store more papers.

Protects Your Documents

The best Honeywell safe offers fire and water protection, and that’s what you receive here. The safe has a 48 Hour waterproof seal and UL class 350 protection up to 17000 F for an hour.

Reinforced Safe Construction

The safe is made from heavy-duty materials with fortified safety hinges. In fact, Honeywell offers a lifetime After Fire guarantee wherein your safe gets replaced free if it’s damaged by fire.

Anti-Theft Prevention Features

The lock is easy to use, but the construction makes it difficult for anyone to pry it off. While you cannot anchor this on the floor like other safes, the weight is enough to deter most burglars.

  • Offers more storage than other safes
  • Will keep documents waterproof for up to 48 hours
  • Cannot be easily lifted off the ground
  • UL approved design
  • Doesn’t have a bolt down feature
  • Its heaviness can also be a drawback if you have to move it
Highlighted Features
  • Safe hinges are well-built
  • Fire rated for up to 1 hour
  • Has a 7 year warranty
  • The latches and keys work smoothly
  • Spring loaded clips are metal

Bottom Line

This Honeywell fire proof safe is for those who need a storage solution for their documents, and quality wise it is exceptional.

#3: Honeywell 1103 Fire/Water Safe Chest 

Honeywell 30 Minute Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box Chest with Carry Handle, Medium, 1103
The best Honeywell safe reviews have given the 1103 good feedback, and they’re well-deserved. This is the smaller version of the 1104 (.24 cubic feet vs. .38), but if you’re after a smaller safe this is what the doctor ordered.

The 1103 is well constructed, heavy, and the walls are thick. Even so, the interior is not affected as there’s plenty of space for your documents.

The safe weighs 28 lbs. empty, so it’s less of a burden to carry. Quality wise, it is right up there with the other safes made by Honeywell.

Protection from Fire

The 1103 protects the valuables inside from up to 1550 F fire for up to half an hour. Nobody wants to think about fire, but if it does happen the 1103 is going to keep the items safe for a reasonable amount of time.

Protection from Water and Moisture

Have you had the experience of storing paper in a safe and after opening weeks later, they’re damp and smelly? The waterproof seal on the 1103 ensures your documents are shielded from leaks, moisture and other types of water damage.

Designed for Documents and More

The 1103 can hold A4 and letter (8 ½ x 11) size papers. The safe is also deep enough for DVDs, CDs, memory cards, photos, etc.

  • Sturdily built and should last a lifetime
  • Can be used to store other items like discs and passports
  • The handle is durable and won’t come off
  • Well-designed lock
  • Not mountable
  • More designed for flood and fire than theft
Highlighted Features
  • Fire protection up to 1550 F for half an hour
  • Has a comfortable carry handle for moving
  • Interior is designed for A4 and letter size documents
  • Has a waterproof seal to keep the content from getting wet
  • Two keys are provided for convenience

Bottom Line

This is well-made Honeywell security safe and makes for a good companion to a larger safe.

#4: Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Steel Security Safe 

Honeywell 5207 Security Safe with Digital Dial Lock, 2.7-Cubic Feet, Black
The 5207 is one of the best Honeywell safe models, offering several features that are not present in other safes in this range.

The programmable keypad offers tight security, but for extra protection, you also have to use a key to open the safe. In case someone does crack the combination they’ll still need the key.

The chances of someone breaking into the safe are low, however, as it has a pry-resistant door. The hinges are pry resistant too, and the locking bolts are made of steel.

In case you forget the combination, the batteries die and you don’t have a replacement yet, use the override keys to open the 5207.

The Honeywell Digital Dial safes can all be mounted on the floor for added security.  There are pre-drilled holes and the kit is included too.

Secure Lock System

The 5207 uses a digital lock system that allows you to set the combination for the safe. There is a LED display which lets you know you’ve chosen the right digits.

2.73 Cubic Feet Capacity

The safe has enough space for cash, jewelry, guns, ammo, discs, credit cards, bank documents and more. The two shelves can be removed so you can customize the contents.

Extra Security Enhancements

There are many other security features built into the safe such as override keys, bolting options and a pry resistant door.

  • Lock combination can be changed
  • Numeric display is convenient
  • Floor is carpeted for protection
  • Can be bolted to floors
  • One customer said the dial has a flimsy feel to it
  • Instruction booklet lacks some details
Highlighted Features
  • 7 year warranty
  • Powder coating provides extra strong finish
  • Concealed hinges for added security
  • LED display
  • Number code is programmable

Bottom Line

This is more than just a Honeywell gun safe, as you can use it to store anything valuable. This one earns my highest recommendations.

#5: Honeywell 5107 Large Steel Security Safe 

Honeywell 5107 Large Steel Security Safe, 2.81-Cubic Feet, Black
If a Honeywell small safe isn’t enough, try the 5107. This 2.8 cubic feet safe is built with security in mind, and it’s obvious as there are no hinges for prying.

The safe weighs 60 pounds, and when filled weighs a lot more. Even better you can just mount the safe to the floor so burglars won’t be able to carry it off.

Given the size of interior there are lots of stuff you can put inside it, and there’s no need to worry about moisture. However you should open the safe at least twice a month to avoid excess humidity.

Multiple Access Options

You have to open the safe to reset the code, but if there’s a problem you can always use the keys to override the keypad. As long as you’ve got the keys, you can override the other access controls.

Powerful Locking Mechanism

Besides the keypad the safe comes with ¾” steel bolts that can withstand quick “hit and grab” attempts. This level of protection is ideal for protecting the safe against burglars, thieves and those who just want to mess around with the safe.

Generous Interior

You can fit a laptop in the safe comfortably, and that should give you an idea of how much space this safe has. Everything from jewelry, money, books, electronic devices and other personal items can be placed inside it.

  • Shelves are detachable
  • The finish is scratch free
  • Large enough for a 17 inch laptop
  • Keys work reliably in case the battery dies
  • Not fire rated
  • Not waterproof
Highlighted Features
  • Override keys are provided
  • Programmable Digital lock
  • Heavy duty hinges are concealed
  • Thick door cover makes breaking in difficult
  • Solid 2” thick motorized bolts

Bottom Line

This is a high end Honeywell digital safe and delivers high level security. For most home users, the 5107 makes for an excellent option.


The History of the Honeywell Brand

Honeywell as a brand has been in existence for close to 125 years and includes several companies and thousands of people.

It was started in 1885 by Albert Butz who invented the alarm and the regulator.

In 1886, he formed Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Company and he later invented damper flapper, a device that is what is now the modern thermostat.

The company has since had a number of mergers and acquisitions. It has also grown enormously to what it is currently.

The company currently is as a result of a merger between AlliedSignal and Honeywell Inc. though AlliedSignal almost doubled Honeywell, they chose to settle for the brand name Honeywell Inc. due to its superior recognition.

Honeywell’s current location is Morristown, New Jersey but before the merger, their headquarters were in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Honeywell Inc. has employed hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide. When relocating as a result of the merger several workers lost their job.

Some retired while others moved to other locations of the company. The company produces some of the worlds recognized products like thermostats, heaters, fans, safes, locks and several others.

Where are Honeywell safes made?

Honeywell, Inc. has licensed LH licensed products, Inc. to manufacture most of its products. They do manufacture gun safes as well. LH licensed products is a privately held company in Carson. CA and is a single location business. It is situated in 860 Sandhill Avenue Carson in the United States.


Honeywell vs. sentry safe

Honeywell safe has one of the toughest security features in the world that includes a digital lock. This makes it a more preferable safe to purchase than the Sentry safe. It consists of thick steel plates, two solid steel locking bolts and pry-resistant hinges for added security.

It is also fireproof and water resistant thus, the safe has no interior humidity issues making it one of the best choices for storing guns, drugs and other extremely humidity sensitive items.

The Sentry safe, on the other hand, is a good choice but you are not guaranteed of fire and water protection if your safe is bolted to the floor. The safe also has a combination lock instead of a digital lock.

This will not be ideal for storing handguns for home protection since it takes more time to open. Therefore the Honeywell safe will be the preferred safe for storing guns because of the digital lock that makes it easier to access and also water resistant which will ensure the guns are rust free.

Advantages of Owning a Honeywell Safe

Having a Honeywell small security safe is going to give you peace of mind, and it’s here are the top reasons why.

  • Spacious: even the smallest models offer ample room for your valuables.
  • Easy to use: these safes are intuitive, and even the digital versions are easy to program with the right code.
  • The compact safes are portable so you can take it with you. You can also place it by your bedside for quick access.
  • Durable: these safes are made from solid steel and have powder coating for extra durability.
  • There is foam padding or floor mat that serve as a cushion for the valuables you put inside.
  • Most of these safes have mounting or anchor holes for affixing on the floor or walls. The anchor hardware kit is included too.
  • The hinges on these safes are concealed, and the lid is pry resistant.
  • These safes have security features to prevent tampering.
  • Warranty: a Honeywell safe box has a 7-year warranty. That is the longest offered in the industry today.
  • Built to last: Honeywell safes are meant to last for decades.
  • The name Honeywell is synonymous with quality.

Tips for Using and Maintaining a Honeywell Safe

A Honeywell fire security box is designed so there is little need for maintenance, but it will be to your advantage to take care of the unit. By taking care of the safe you’ll be taking care of the items in it.

  • Follow the safety and maintenance directions in the manual.
  • Use the cleaning solution provided for in the manual. If nothing is mentioned, just wipe the dust off with a clean damp cloth.
  • Test the digital lock before locking any items inside, and open the safe periodically to check on the contents.
  • Just because the safe is labelled waterproof doesn’t mean you should drench it. That’s only meant as extra protection, but you should still take care of it.
  • Remove the contents every now and then to clean up. Look for signs of moisture or other problems with the safe in the process.
  • Have battery reserves on standby. These safes take years before a replacement is needed, but it’s better to have a set ready.
  • Even the most secure safe is useless if you give away the combination code. The code should be known only by those you trust.

Top 5 FAQs about the Honeywell Safe

 I forgot my Honeywell steel security safe combination. What now?

The combination is in the manual, and the Honeywell website also has information that can help you.

Where can I find my safe’s serial number?

The serial number is found on the right side or the bottom right hand to the front of the safe. Do note that some safes from Honeywell don’t have serial numbers.

 Can I anchor my safe on the floor?

A lot of safes from Honeywell can be mounted on the floor. You can tell if the safe is mountable if there are pre-drilled holes and an anchor kit is included.

Why is there moisture inside the safe?

Fireproof safes are airtight and this naturally leads to moisture production. You can prevent this by opening the safe once or twice a month or placing a dehumidifier inside.  Another option is to put the contents in a zip lock bag before putting in the safe.

 Are there replacement parts for the safe?

You can order replacement parts for some of these safes, but it depends on the type.


Final Verdict

I took a lot of care in selecting these products from Honeywell, and they’re all of high quality. But if I had to choose one over the rest, it would be the Honeywell 5207.

What I like about the Honeywell 5207 is it is easy to use digital dial, the LED display, and its spacious interior. The other safes are good too, but for security and storage, the 5207 is tops.

These Honeywell safe reviews were written with one purpose, and that’s to help buyers like you find the most secure safe for your precious holdings. I’m confident that the information here has proven useful, so good luck with your choice!


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