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Best Hidden Gun Safes Reviews – 2017 Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Best Hidden safesMillion dollar question may arise! Do you want to keep your guns attended in a large gun safe or frequently used one in an invisible safe? If you think that you need a highest convenient way to reach your handguns most probably you need the best hidden safes.

If you are planning to store your expensive guns then you have to choose the hidden safes that ensure a maximum protection from vulnerable at home and from intruders.

The hidden gun safe is relatively small very compact in design specially made for one or two guns storage capacity, also you can keep some valuables including money, jewelry and some important documents like passports and certificate.

It looks very ordinary but able to serve very special purpose general people may guess it is a table, or shelf or sofa but only you know what you put inside the gun safe that is most interesting and secured part if you have one.

 Top 3 Selections

Top Rated

American Security Hide-A-Safe Handgun Safe

American Security Hide-A-Safe Handgun Safe

The charcoal gray textured chrome finish American Security hidden handgun safe is constructed from 7 gauges thick steel plate with anti-pry locking bolts.

This safe is top hidden home safes with quality because it used thick steel compared to full-size gun safes and superior high-tech box with biometric fingerprint access lives you in peace.

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Best Value for the Money

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe, .83 CF Hidden In Wall Large Safe

You are getting an electronic lock hidden wall safe and with a very reasonable price just consider buying this item considers the best value for money because all keypad are digital and deluxe hidden storage solution for guns for home and office security.

Long time warranty, a dual security lock to open, and competitive price gives you an option to look no further.

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Best Budget Model

Covert Cabinets GS-1228 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage

Covert Cabinets GS-1228 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage

Covert cabinet’s gun shelf hidden storage is not safe it’s a shelf so you need to keep in mind it does not have any lock however, it has hidden storage compartment with wall mounting facilities and espresso gun shelf with a sleek modern design that definitely increases the overall outlook of your home or office.  Price is reasonable that can meet your actual budget.

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Top 7 Best Hidden Safes : Comparison

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Safe14 x 4 x 19 inchesBlack37.5 pound Check Price
Covert Cabinets HG-21Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage21 x 12 x 4 inchesEspresso10 poundsCheck Price
BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun Safe10.5 x 7.5 x 2 incheswild forest2.6 poundsCheck Price
American Security Hide-A-Safe Handgun Safe4 H x 10 W x 12 DCharcoal gray25.4 poundsCheck Price
Covert Cabinets GS-1228 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage 28″ x 12″ x 3.5″EspressoCheck Price
Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe14 x 4 x 19 inchesoff white37 poundsCheck Price
Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden Safe131/2″ wide by 201/2″ tall outer flange is 15″x 22Black18 poundsCheck Price

Best Picks of Top Rated Hidden Gun Safes

#1: Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Safe Review

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall SafeThe Viking security safe has all the features that able to provide you best security system for your guns and make them handy in case of any emergency purpose.

It comes with biometric fingerprint scanner with electronic keypad lock so it is almost impossible to pry the safe. You can use 4 digits pin code like your bank card and able to set a passcode for four to eight digits long.

It also can facilitate a maximum of 32 fingerprints in its long-term memory meaning even if you change the battery it never erases the data.

The safe has deadbolt locking system comes along with 2omm thick bolts can unlock by using your fingerprints or pin code or passcode also it is impact resistant black finish and outstanding interior designed inside.

What I Like
  • Made from ultra heavy duty 20mm thick steel.
  • Able to protect from prying, punching, burglars.
  • The date never erases even removing the batteries.
  • Adjusting sound and warning beeps included.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Unable to fill a big
  • Biometric sometimes does not work.

Bottom line:

Three fully modifiable shelves with a weight of 4o pounds and the price also very reasonable compared to other safes that are selling in the market.

#2: Covert Cabinets HG-21Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage Review

Covert Cabinets HG-21Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage, EspressoThe covert cabinets HG-21 Gun Cabinet Wall shelf hidden storage is an extraordinary wall-ascend buoyant gun safe.

It looks a shelf with hidden drop-away storage compartment suitable for a maximum of 2 guns. You can find all hinges, locks, and latches are invisible and it is quite difficult to guess it’s a gun shelf as it looks pretty much and ordinary furniture.

You can place all the decorative items including photo frame, live or artificial plants and candles on top of your shelf and the drop down mechanism will allow you a quick access without hampering your vulnerable items on top.

It has a magnetic lock that requires a particular key while opening the shelf and has a dampener gas spring with the hinge provides you rapid but well-managed access.

What I Like
  • Top secret storage of your guns and easy access whenever you need them.
  • Outstanding quality with espresso finish
  • Made from plywood and crown moulding.
  • Magnetic lock for faultless exertion.
What I Didn’t Like
  • User instructions are poorly written.
  • Outstanding design but overpriced.

Bottom line:

The USA made covert cabinet so you can consider best quality product and able to hang on any types of wall in your home or office.

#3: BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun Safe Review

BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun SafeThe Barska Hidden Real book Gun safe is the ultimate hidden safe that you can trust. It is made from sturdy steel but very lightweight for your convenient. From the exterior point of view, It looks like a hardback paper book because the exterior is decorated with actual paper and single pages.

It is portable so you can store in any place or install in a simple view of safe just like safe keeping. It comes with a set of keys and you can store not only your firearms but your most valuables including jewelry, passport, and money as well.

As it is looking like a book shelf and you can get access to your shotguns, pistols, and rifles just able to keep them hidden with a normal view and only have key options to open it no secondary accessory that ensures only you have the access to get your guns.

What I Like
  • Full body steel construction.
  • Backup key included.
  • Outlook like well-known novel book “Pride and Prejudice”.
  • Great little compact and lightweight safe.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Have a visible gap between the safe door and front hard cover.
  • May discover a little flimsy.

Bottom line:

The overall weight 2.6 pounds come with a 1-year limited warranty.

#4: American Security Hide-A-Safe Handgun Safe Review

American Security Hide-A-Safe Handgun SafeThe American hide-a-safe handgun safe is designed such a way that looks like a tank with slide drawer. It has used ultra thick steel plates that help you to store your firearm just below the drawer, a desk or cabinet.

It has simple pull out handle that makes convenient to use and can get quick access when you just enter the accurate combination simply you need a light push.

The door is sliding easily and able to hold maximum 75lbs with a fully expandable capacity of 55lbs.

The inside safe is decorated by fabric with massive thick foam-lined ensure you can make the exact size according to your pistols.

The whole body is made with 10 gauges steel plate especially the door used ultra thick 7 gauge theft resistance locking bolts.

What I Like
  • It’s used a wonderful charcoal touch gray including chrome hardware.
  • Quite heavy ensure difficult to move.
  • Uses ultra thick steel than many full purpose guns safe.
  • Lock instruction manual is so simple to understand.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The top-bottom depth smaller than expected.
  • Mounting instruction manual not available.

Bottom line:

The drawer slides are great notch quality and you able to lock-unlock or reset your access super simple compared to other hidden safe.

#5: Covert Cabinets GS-1228 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage Review

Covert Cabinets GS-1228 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden StorageThe covert wall shelf hidden storage is purposely built to provide your guns hidden storage solution for home and office space.

You can find this shelf is wall mounted including the sleek and modern finish. It is suitable for storing at least 1-2 guns also you can decor frame photos, plants or candles onto the top of the shelf.

If you want to store your jewelry on the shelf you need to buy foam and insert separately and the interior and exterior part of the shelf is finished with lacquer a glossy look makes the shelf more attractive like an antique item that increases your home outlook more privileged.

What I Like
  • All installation manual is included.
  • 2 ball bearings able to hold up to 100lbs.
  • The slides are very soft that does not make any noise.
  • Set up anywhere in your room or office.
What I Didn’t Like
  • This is not a gun safe it’s a shelf.
  • A little pricy compared to other hidden safes.

Bottom line:

It has hidden compartment including 3 full functional shelves comes along with all mounting hardware and installation manual for easy and convenient setup.

#6: Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe Review

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe, .83 CF Hidden In Wall Large SafeI am really happy to introduce the paragon 7750 electronic wall lock and safe to you because it has digital keypad excellent item for your home and office security.

If you are looking for an electronic wall safe you do not need to look further because it has all the important features that able to fulfill your current guns or valuables security needs.

It has 2 alternative methods to open the safe as you can use code or key for your easy access.

It comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty so you can buy this item without further thinking also you find the price you are paying just a little or nothing compared its service value and you can consider this item is the best-hidden safes for the home.

What I Like
  • Digital entry minimizes of multiple key needs.
  • Simple and easy to operate all the programs.
  • Double AA batteries required to get an electronic
  • Off white powder coated interior and exterior decoration.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Sometimes difficult to use the middle shelf
  • Shelves are flimsy and do not have the company logo on it.

Bottom line:

You can store your passport, important documents, diamond, or jewelry in a hidden location just behind a photo or inside a secret place.

#7: Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden Safe Review

Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden Safe Security Box Jewelry Gun Cash (Black)This particular high-quality wall hidden safe gives you extraordinary storage facilities for your most valuable items including cash, jewelry, guns and others.

It’s built with heavy duty thick solid steel and 2 shelves included inside and it requires 4 AA batteries that come along with this safe, has the master key included with the item so hassle free access even if you were forgotten or lost codes.

It’s easily fit on to the wall but you have to ensure the materials that constructed the wall to insert stud inside, also the safe door is detachable so you can take them away during your installation process and it is not advisable to put this safe on the exterior wall.

What I Like
  • Find solid after mounting.
  • May find bit larger than your expectation.
  • Flexible door for making easy installation hole.
  • Inserting a hook can hang your suit inside with your guns.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Not enough space inside since combination system takes 25% of space.
  • Very expensive to return this item.

Bottom line:

It comes in two colors (black and off white) with an incredible money back guarantee that’s the confirmation of its outstanding quality.

Final Verdicts

From my reviews, I hope you able to select the best-hidden gun safes that can serve your purpose of storage for your pistols, handguns or expensive rifles.

I picked up most striking features among the best secret safe I have ever found on the market however you have to keep in mind that not every safe has the same features it may vary from one another.

It is quite difficult to distinguish them about quality and features but from my point of view, I give top mark meaning best voted to Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden Safe because it has most customer reviews and among the hidden gun safes.

Best Hidden Safes Reviews
  • Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Safe
  • Covert Cabinets HG-21Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage
  • BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun Safe
  • American Security Hide-A-Safe Handgun Safe
  • Covert Cabinets GS-1228 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage
  • Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe
  • Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden Safe

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