BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review

Have you been searching for the ideal solution to help you store personal items such as rifles, jewelry or even personal documents? Well, a brilliant suggestion for you would be the Barska Large Biometric Safe that comes with a host of exceptional auxiliary functionalities meant to enhance system security.

Since the advent of technological innovations started being incorporated into the typical safe design, i have seen various upswings especially when it comes to functionality and system security as well.

For instance, this safe comes with feature such as biometric fingerprint technology and can store the identities of as many as 120 individuals.

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review

Highlighted Features

  • Biometric finger recognition technology
  • Stores up to 120 Fingerprints
  • Internal detachable four section rack
  • Programmable Silent Access Mode
  • 3-Point Steel Dead Bolt Locking System
  • Removable Accessory Shelf
  • Exterior Dimensions in inches: 8.7 x 9.7 x 51.18
  • Interior Dimensions in inches 6.4 x 9.8 x 51
  • Comes with Mounting tools, 2 Back-Up Keys, and an Additional Battery Pack
  • Weight: 67 lbs

Whom is this product designed for?

  • For people a safe, convenient and quick storage unit for handguns
  • For individuals who want to store expensive devices such as high-powered cameras and handheld contrivances
  • For individuals who want to store important documents and valuables

Key Features of the BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

Store up to 120 fingerprints

As one of the best gun safes available out there on the market, this unit can store as much as 120 fingerprints enough for you and several other users as well.

The inclusion of advanced biotechnology can only identify the fingerprints that have been pre-programmed into the safe. Furthermore, the advanced fingerprint recognition functionality allows for fast access to your items with just a simple scanning of your fingerprint.

The user has to push the power button down while simultaneously holding the finger on the laser optics sensor and safe will be open in three seconds.

Silent access and beep mode feature

Aside from its unique storage capabilities, this fingerprint gun safe can also operate in the Silent access mode feature when you need to access your stored items.

In other words, users can choose to mute the beeping notification that signifies user operations input into the unit.

This Barska Safe can also allow the user to calibrate the sound of the beeping to suit their needs.

It usually comes from the company with the beep settings available, and this can be rather noisy when you need to access the safe during instances such as a business meeting.

Powered by 4-AA batteries

4-AA batteries power all the exceptional functionalities on this biometric gun safe unit.

This power source is affordable and convenient in that they are easy to replace when they run out.

From the fingerprint scanner to the beeping sounds that alert you when you have opened the safe, the 4-AA can provide as much as 1000 minutes of use.

What is more remarkable is the functionality that alerts you when the batteries are about to run out and therefore require replacing.

When the safe door is closed and then followed by three iterating beeps as the indicator light flashes red, this indicates that your batteries are running low.

Ideal for storing handguns as well as valuables and important documents

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review
This fingerprint gun safe is spacious enough to store as many as three long rifles, and the detachable shelf allows users to store documents, handguns, and ammunition.

Furthermore, it features a detachable four section safe barrel holder that ensures your rifles are kept in an organized manner.

Users might also appreciate the inclusion of two backup keys that can be used to access your items if the scanner malfunction.

Users can access their stored items by using the three point locking system that can be conveniently opened with a by using one hand.

Pre-drilled anchor points for securing safe to floor or wall

Perhaps the most significant security feature of this unit is that it comes with as much as six mounting points at the rear side of the safe, and it also comes with mounting tools.

Once you get your unit outside of the box, you will be able to attach the Barska rifle safe with ease onto a flat platform such as a floor or wall.

More so, this unit also weighs an astounding 66lbs that make it a daunting challenge for any would-be criminal to steal.


  • This Barska safe comes with detachable shelves for additional storage
  • The safe can store as much as 130 different fingerprints
  • It comes with bolts so that you can anchor the safe securely on a flat platform
  • The interior of the safe comes with a protective mat ideal for delicate items
  • The safe can easily be opened using one hand turn motion
  • It comes with factory drilled that allows users to fasten the unit on a flat platform


  • Some users tend to have trouble using the fingerprint scanner
  • Some users have reported that the exterior casing is susceptible to scratching
  • The overall weight of the safe is a bit minimal
  • The fingerprints of some users only registers on the unit after 3 to 5 trials


How do I delete the fingerprints that I need longer need in my system?

Deleting the fingerprints in the system is a simple procedure, and you can complete this by using the system manually.

Do the keys manually operate the lock or does it use a motor?

Yes, the keys provide access to the safe manually, and it does not come with a motor.

Are the shelves removable?

Yes, it comes with a four section rack storage system that can be removed for additional storage room.

Final Verdict

All things considered, this BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants a convenient yet affordable storage option for personal items.

Aside from your handgun, You can store various items on three shelves that this unit comes with including cameras, handheld devices, and documents amongst many others.

It also comes with a fingerprint scanner as well as a robust yet simple to use interface that makes it a paragon of user-friendly engineering.

Users can gain access to their items in as little as 3 seconds, and this gun safe also comes with two supplementary keys.

Feedback or Question? Feel free to let me know leaving a comment below! 🙂


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  1. I want to make sure that my guns are safe. It makes sense that I would want to get a good gun safe! That way I don’t have to worry about my kids getting their hands on them. I’ll make sure I Get one with internal hinges so it’s harder to break into.

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