BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

The BARSKA Biometric Safe is one of the finest security products on the market. Perfect for storing small valuables and firearms it offers a complete solution for all home and business needs.

Currently, one of the most popular safes to be found anywhere, it offers the perfect combination of durability, accessibility, and portability.

Thanks to the biometric design it unlocks within seconds allowing for fast access to firearms in the event of an emergency.

Designed for both static and portable purposes, this safe is also very durable and will be easily capable of withstanding even the most determined of attacks. So for anyone needing a comprehensively secure means of storing their valuables, the BARSKA Biometric Safe truly demands plenty of attention.

BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

Highlighted Features

  • Professional standard biometric access protection.
  • Dual dead bolting door mechanism.
  • Heavy duty yet transportable design.
  • Can store up to thirty individual fingerprints. Registration for new users takes seconds.
  • Supplied with all necessary components to secure to floors and furniture.
  • Includes fourAA batteries.
  • Includes two emergencies backup keys in case of failure or compromise.

Whom ls This BARSKA Biometric Safe Designed for?

  • Anyone looking for total security, especially people requiring plenty of room for weapons and valuables.
  • Residential users are looking for sturdy and reliable static safe.
  • Business owners are needing to transport valuables on a frequent basis.
  • A good choice for people who often spend time away from home.

BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

Total Biometric Security

BARSKA Biometric Safe Review
Biometric security isn’t completely without potential issues. However, in the vast majority of cases, it’s the best and most secure way of protecting weapons and valuables.

The technology capable of making this standard of security affordable for domestic or small business use has only really been available for a few years.

The good news is that it’s available for only a little more than a classic combination lock gun safe.

The BARSKA Biometric offers up to thirty unique fingerprints to be added to the system. Easy, convenient plus it takes only seconds to authorize individual access.

Easy Access Within Seconds

Even the best trained and experienced individuals can panic and forget codes. Adrenaline can do strange things to the body, and the last thing anyone needs in an emergency is a delay in being able to access their gun safe.

When there may be only seconds to respond, biometrics have the advantage of being instantly unlocked with just the press of a finger.

Remember that it can also be done in darkness, an essential feature for any biometric gun safe.

These products are marketed as being accessible within moments, and the BARSKA Biometric Safe is as reliable as any product out there.

A Practical Multi-purpose Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe Review
Capable of efficiently storing a couple of weapons with plenty of room to spare, this is a spacious safe with easily enough space to store any valuables.

Don’t just assume this is a safe suitable for pistols. It is just as good an option for the money, documents, medicines and precious jewelry.

Altogether this makes for a complete home security option for anyone who needs to be sure their essentials are secure.

The safe has no internal pockets or holsters, so remember to try and keep documents in binders other items in suitable separate containers or holsters.

Perfect For Travel

Of course, not everyone is looking for a stationary gun safe. This unit is portable making it a fantastic option for individuals needing to transport valuables and weapons on a regular basis.

Range regulars will enjoy the practicality of safely carrying a selection of pistols and ammunition from their vehicle to the premises. However, l would recommend weapons and other technical tools be also holstered or stored within their own carry case to help prevent unwanted scraping during transit.

It’s perfect for business owners too. Payroll, banking, contracts, insurance documents and spare keys can be simply and sensibly secured wherever desired.

In certain situations, the BARSKA Biometric Safe may even be able to help lower insurance premiums, especially for those who need to transport monies on a frequent basis.

Heavy Duty Steel Design

It would be next to impossible for any opportunist thief to break into the BARSKA Biometric Safe. Even with a crowbar and sledgehammer, it’ll take a great deal of noisy pounding to force open any pressure points.

This makes for another reason why it’s superb for transporting valuables too. It’s just the right side of bulky and heavy to prevent anyone from being able to carry it following a B&E. Those who escape with the safe will always be highly noticeable and burdened down too.


  • Complete storage solution for valuables that can be installed securely or kept available for transport.
  • Biometric design overrides any potential for observational code stealing.” Plenty of room for
  • Plenty of room for high-value items and pistols/ammo.
  • Easy to transport and can be fitted to any heavy duty surface or shelving unit.
  • Long lasting battery life – usually 18 months plus.


  • Not fireproof. It is something those storing essential documents may wish to be aware of.
  • Biometrics need to be kept clean for reliable performance. Smudges and dampness can affect performance.
  • Weapons and heavy metallic objects will need to be holstered or otherwise secured to prevent the risk of denting.


Is it suitable for use solely as a gun safe?

Absolutely. For many people, the BARSKA biometric is going to be one of the best solutions out there. lt offers plenty of space for conventional sized sidearms and ammunition or accessories. Factor in the need for holsters and it’s still very suitable for this exclusive purpose. Will fit into any trunk space.

Is the lack of fireproofing a major issue?

A: Many safes are advertised as being fire or heat resistant without being necessarily fire proof. It’s a factor that may influence some people yet be utterly inconsequential to others. Assess your personal requirements for the safe and take it from there.

What happens when the battery dies?

The safe won’t open! The BARSKA will offer a warning beep before the batteries expire. In the unlikely event of system failure or breakdown, two emergency keys are supplied for opening the safe.

Final Verdict

It’s absolutely fair to say that the BARSKA biometric offers a fabulous means for keeping valuables safe without compromising either security or functionality. The biometric system is a major plus (just keep it clean!) and being constructed from heavy duty steel it isn’t going to give in without putting up a heck of a fight.

Personally l like it because it’s also portable. It is a great solution for people who spend plenty of time on the road and stay away from home on a regular basis. The BARSKA Biometric Safe is an excellent choice that will not break the bank!

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  1. I can’t think of any better safe than the BARSKA Biometric. It is a great investment for storing small valuables and firearms for a gun owner. I find them long lasting and easy to install. The security features are great too.

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